It’s not just women who suffer when it comes to anxiety over beachwear.

As a guy, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right as well. The good news is, there are now so many acceptable men’s beachwear options out there, things are a little easier. Pretty much anything goes, whether you’re confident in your Speedos, prefer the board shorts, surfer-dude look or are opting this year for a funky retro style.

What Doesn’t Work

However, despite the plethora of swimwear options, there are still plenty of potential pitfalls to avoid as well.

For example, unless you are actually David Beckham, or a carbon copy of the guy, white swimmers, particularly tight ones, are a huge No-No. As well as the obvious see-through factor, tighty-whities are always too flashy and you give a reeeaaallly bad impression. AVOID.


Don’t freak out over body hair. Just because a load of celebs and professional swimmers opt for the new-born baby look, don’t feel you should too. Well groomed main hair is much more preferable to a stubbly, red or sore chest. Think The 40 Year Old Virgin. Now cringe.

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So What are my Options?

Short and Tight

Daniel Craig rocks this look, and it’s been held up as the beacon of modern swimwear since 2006, when Casino Royale was released. You need a degree of confidence to pull these trunks off – though they’re a very practical option for swimming.

daniel craig

Go Retro!

Retro swimming shorts are definitely a great option if you want to make a fashion statement this summer. If colours, patterns and comfort are for you, this could be your swimwear of choice.


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Olympian Speedos

With swimming stars such as Tom Daley and Michael Phelps now all over our TVs speedo-clad, it’s not surprising these are a popular option. Like the tight trunks, great for swimming, but leave very little to the imagination, so they’re not for everyone!


Surfer dude: the board short
Board shorts are great for anyone wanting to cover up a little bit, or those looking for maximum comfort. Typically a young guy’s choice, they’re actually rising in popularity with the older generation too – whatever’s good enough for Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Jackman, right?

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