It doesn’t matter whether we’re shopping for Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, or a completely random occasion, gift giving, particularly where other men are concerned, isn’t something we excel at. Now, shopping for the ladies in our lives we can do, as it usually involves staying safe and reading from a carefully written list presented six months in advance, or buying perfume. Easy! But what do you do when the gift is for your oldest friend, granddad, or – gulp – Dad? Toiletries seem a cop out; vouchers are a no-no, and socks… we can’t even go there.


Thanks to our inherent inability to show affection for other guys, we are now stuck in a never-ending loop of gift-buying panic. No more, we say! Somebody had to go there, so we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts you could give the men in your life. You’re welcome.

Gifts for your mates, or younger male relatives

Now, we’re at an advantage when it comes to buying gifts for our friends or similarly aged relatives; after all, we know what we like… don’t we? And that’s the key; according to recent research it’s actually acceptable to buy gifts based upon what you’d like to receive yourself, or presents that reflect your personality. The rationale is that this approach is far more failsafe than attempting to guess what your mates want, and we have to admit it makes sense. Okay, so what do we like? Joke presents are always a hit, and can provide hours of amusement amongst friends. Hilarious t-shirts, curry-flavoured chocolate, drinking games, car stickers, character mugs, a small book of comic anecdotes or jokes, or a ‘hangover kit’ are great Go-tos. Meanwhile, for guys that you know, but perhaps not too well, you can never go wrong with shower gel gift sets, CDs or Blu-Rays of their favourite shows or artists, or alcoholic gift sets. Gig, comedy, or sports tickets could be reserved for special occasions, while gadget gifts, like watches, games consoles and paraphernalia, and speakers, for example, propel you into the big league of best mate-dom.

Gifts for your father, granddad, or uncle

You’d never say it to their faces, but gifts for your older male relatives need to be given a little more thought; in these circumstances, a comedy apron that features a naked female form just won’t do. The trouble is, more often than not, you’re not sure exactly what your dad likes to do, and couldn’t pinpoint your mad uncle’s hobbies within any set genre. What then? Luckily, even the oldies have a few fool proof gift ideas, and we’re happy to share them with you now…

Power tools, for example, are always a good idea if you know your dad has a few jobs he’d like to be getting on with – a decent set of tools will make a really impressive gift, too, regardless of how much time you actually spent choosing them. Hi-tech gadgets are also a really good category to browse while you’re shopping; Fitbits or similar activity trackers, kitchen items that will make healthy eating easy and fun, or gadgets that do anything from opening a bottle of beer to jimmying a lock will impress, while anything to do with entertainment should rate highly. Along the entertainment theme, alcoholic gifts, such as expensive malts, brandy glasses, collectable shot glasses, and drinks globes, as well as distillery tours, and the promise of a boys’ night to the pub should win you points too. Does you dad enjoy fishing? Is your granddad a keen bowler? Perhaps your uncle is into his mopeds. Use your knowledge to your advantage.

Bad news chaps; there are a little over 300 shopping days until Christmas, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts now – not to mention the sheer number of selfish people with birthdays between now and then. With our handy gift guide, though, shopping for the men in your life will never be such a hassle again. Go and have a drink, chaps, you’ve earned it.

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