Nothing compliments a man’s personality like a well-made suit. If you are going to buy a suit soon, make sure that you keep it snugly fit with appropriate length and fabric. In 2018, fitted suits and tailored jackets will become the rage. Velvet blazers too will make a comeback, especially in deep and warm colors.

Not sure what to buy? Here is a guide that will help you make the right decisions.

The color of your suit

The color of your suit defines the occasion as well as your personality. Black suits will remain a favorite forever. This classis color never grows old. Because of the sheer beauty and neutrality of this color, you can wear black to any occasion of your choice. However, it is considered better to save black suits for formal or important events only.

For everyday suits, go for grey. There are many shades of grey that range from the darkest that mimic black and the lightest which look almost white. The good thing about grey suit is that they can be used for both formal and informal occasions. You can pair them up with crisp white shirts or even with causal tees to bring a completely new look to the table.

Navy suits are also suited for formal occasions. You can wear them to office. The fitted blazer variety of these suits is suited for more casual occasions. Just like the grey suit, the navy-blue suit also works well with casual tees as well as formal shirts. Navy blue suits are also as beautiful as white suits when it comes to matching colorful ties.

The fabric of your suit

Natural materials are usually more breathable and proved you a better fitting as well. Cotton is most commonly used for designing classy suits for men. The fabric is very durable and holds color very well. Moreover, it is breathable and can be used in almost any weather conditions. Flannel is made of cotton and provides a warmer, more comfortable option for everyday suits.

If you are looking for warmer suits for the cold and harsh winter, opt for wool. Many people believe that wool suits are bulky and uncomfortable. On the flip side, wool suits are quite comfortable and warm. Also, they always lie on the expensive side. The same goes for Tweed. It has witnessed a classy remodeling over the years and you must have at least one tweed suit in your wardrobe.

Other options are polyester, linen and polyester blend. All these materials are very light and come at a cheaper cost as well. This is not all, you even find some wonderful casual and everyday suits made of these fabrics.

A suit is nothing without great accessories. So, make sure that you always buy classy ties, awesome shoes and watches to make your suits look even better. Pay attention to the length of the suit and make sure that you add a hint of personalization whenever you can. The best suits lose their appeal simply because of wrong accessories. So, make sure that you always accessorize right.

Good luck!

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