Do you love hardwood furniture? Any homeowner looking for a classy and amazing look for his home would like to buy hardwood furniture. The only problem here is- hardwood furniture isn’t always environmentally sustainable. The oak furniture that everyone loves comes from trees that take 50 to 100 years to mature. It becomes impossible to replenish the oak that we have used for furniture, even if we dedicate an entire lifetime.

Is there a sustainable option?

Yes, you can opt for furniture made of mango wood. This hardwood variety is grown in India and South-East Asia and comes from an already booming mango cultivation industry. Mango is one of the most popular fruits of the tropical region because of which large mango cultivations are common in these areas. Moreover, a mango tree usually reached maturity within 15 years. This means that the wood you use can be replenished with a little effort.

As the mango plantation industry is growing at a very fast pace, the mango wood being used for your furniture is a natural byproduct of that industry. Therefore, it is not only very sustainable, but reduces wastage and avoids cutting of trees that take hundreds of years to grow.

Mango woods can have very distinct colors- like pink, brown and even green. This depends on the variety of wood you are using and its place of origin. However, regardless of these factors, the wood itself is of high quality.

Though mango is a great, densely packed hardwood, it can be worked on with ease. No special tools or heavy machines are required to make great furniture out of mango. It is very good for sanding as well as staining.

It is comparatively easier for woodwork but has a very good structure which makes it good for making quality furniture for your home. In fact, mango wood has always been used to make very detailed carvings on the furniture which gives it a very classy and beautiful appeal as well. Whether you like simple designs or ornate furniture, you will get it all.

Mango furniture options

You get two options in mango furniture– dark mango and light mango. Dark mango is perfect for coffee tables, living room furniture and bedroom furniture. It is great for homes following a deeper accent. It looks deep, warm and very inviting. The best thing about dark mango is that it looks very neat and charismatic. No matter where you place dark mango furniture, you will always find heads turning.

The light mango finish is great for people looking for lighter accents. It is considered great for homes that are following a less traditional and more open, minimalistic vibe. The light mango wood is used for making storage units. However, in some homes, you will even find coffee tables and bookshelves made of this wood. Depending on the overall look and appeal of your home, a light mango wood furniture could instantly bring sophistication in the décor.

Mango wood should be used by all who are looking for the perfect home décor option with quality hardwoods.

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