The infamous male grooming boom of the last few years has somehow changed the perception of masculinity.

Men are no neanderthals and there is seemingly no reason anymore why they should be banned from entering the world of cosmetics. In fact, women in general now tend to prefer well-groomed men over buff physiques.

Let’s be honest: how many of you have not already borrowed your girlfriend’s face wash or hydrating cream? Many women are actually the first ones to buy male grooming products and cosmetic as a gift.


That’s something the cosmetic industry knows extremely well, now offering an array of products aimed at men, often with fun and humourous packaging that appeals to women looking for that ideal Christmas or birthday present.

If more and more women wish to see their boyfriends take care of themselves, men are fast becoming as cosmetics savvy as their female counterparts. So get your eye cream at the ready and follow this fuss-free but essential skincare routine.

1. A good facial cleanser or face wash gel

Washing your face twice a day is the minimum required if you’re hoping to keep a clear skin. Sure that’s the least you can do, but if your skin needs a little extra care, look out for skin care kits such as the Proactiv Kit, that conveniently combine various products to prevent skin breakouts and dryness.

2. A moisturizing cream

A good moisturizer will be an efficient barrier against pollution, dryness and tiredness. Apply in small doses, lightly massaging in circles, twice a day ideally.

3. A shaving cream, gel or foam

Since the end of Peak Beard was proclaimed last year, it might be a good time to go back to the shaving basics. A shaving cream both facilitates the shave and cleans the skin. Apply in small doses with a brush and massage for 3 minutes before getting ready to shave away!


4. An after-shave balm

Your skin gets even drier after shaving: a simple moisturizer just won’t cut it as the skin needs to be soothed and recover from micro cuts left by the razor. Use it imperatively after each shave: again in small doses, all over the shaved area and the rest of the face and neck.

5. An exfoliating facial scrub

It might sound a bit much for some, but exfoliating really should be part of your skincare routine as it helps you get rid of sebum excess and other impurities that usually build up in the pores and cause blemishes and spots. Once or twice a week, apply before shaving, massage in circles for a bit and rinse with cold water. Then continue the rest of your routine with your usual face wash and moisturizer, and you’re set.


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