Here at Cotton Bag Co, we’re always happy to see larger companies make the commitment to turn their backs on plastic bags. After all, plastic bags break apart easily and cannot be recycled or biodegraded, making them bad for both planet and consumer alike. With that in mind, we’re pleased to see that both Apple and Adidas are finally phasing out the plastic.


Apple has been doing so since April 15th. They used to use the familiar plastic shopping bag emblazoned with Apple’s famous logo. Apple has stated that: “We’re committed to leaving the world better than we found it … we’ll switch to paper shopping bags made from 80 percent recycled materials.

Apple has long been associated with eco-friendly business practices, with substantial efforts made to use renewable materials during the manufacturing of their devices. Considering the remarkable popularity of their brand and the vast range of products that can be picked up in their stores, the move from plastic bag to an environmentally-friendly alternative should really help them cut down on their footprint.

And Apple aren’t the only ones making these changes. Sportswear giant Adidas have just announced that they too will be removing plastic shopping bags from thousands of the company’s global retail stores. Given that this change will come into effect across roughly 3,000 retail locations, it is expected that Adidas will be helping to eliminate the usage of about 70 million bags per year. They have also received non-plastic commitments from many of their franchisees – which number around 14,000.

In the words of James Carnes, the company’s vice president of global brand strategy: “Plastic bags are always a problem because they aren’t a renewable resource. They are trash. Good plastics have the potential to be reused but plastic bags are bad plastics.”

A number of cotton bag companies couldn’t agree more too, and are thrilled to see these two global brands take a step closer towards eco-friendly production.

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