When it’s holiday time and you’re heading for the beach, knowing what type of footwear to take along is an essential part of planning for your wardrobe- men especially.  You’re going to be selecting a few pairs of shoes that enhance the look of your clothing, something that is comfortable, and shoes that are easily packed and taken to your holiday destination.  You’ll find that you have a plethora of options in shoes if you only take the time to consider your activities and the comfort that you need whilst on holiday.  Let’s take a look at some of the requirements for the shoes you might want to take along as alternative footwear for your beach holiday.


A Shoe for Every Activity

The range of shoes that you take on holiday must be sporty, fun, and stylish for any event that you might want to attend.  The shoes that you pack need to be lightweight, comfortable, airy, and those that will dry quickly if you get them wet.  If you plan some water sports or water-based activities, the shoes will need to be designed to prevent irritation to your skin when they are wet.  If you plan on doing a great deal of walking, you’ll want arch supports, the proper fit, and those that traverse sandy locations with ease.  Whether you’re kayaking along the lake or trekking amidst sand dunes, your shoes must accommodate your needs in both style and durability.

Some Choices to Consider


Even though flip flops are considered great footwear for the beach, you may want to consider a pair of shoes like the Flopeeze that will roll up to about the size of a soda can and fit nicely in your pocket.  These flexible shoes are comfortable, very convenient, and a worry-free addition to any beach holiday wardrobe.

Another interesting choice is Vibrams, which fit your feet like gloves and improve the health of your feet; these shoes provide you with more mobility and enhance the look of your feet and whatever clothing you may be wearing for casual events.

Sandals are always in style but remember the terrain on which you will be walking to see if they are suitable for your specific needs.  Your sandals need to be thin, easily pliable, and affordable before you pack them for your holiday trip; you don’t need expensive sandals to wear in a beach location where they will be easily damaged from sand and surf.

For Dressier Events

For dressier events that are held in a beach setting, you may want to wear boat or deck shoes that come in a variety of colours; these styles have become very affordable in recent years and add a touch of pizzazz to your beach attire.  Instead of looking casual, you can dress up your shorts and shirt with a pair of boat shoes in a splash of colour that highlights some part of your ensemble.  These slip-on shoes add a touch of comfort to any occasion and can make your entire appearance more appealing.

Your shoes can be the finishing touch on your beachwear so make sure that you select a few different pairs of alternative styles to take with you on your next beach holiday.

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