Now that the good weather is arriving, many women become conscious of uncomfortable body hair, which goes somewhat unnoticed in the cold months. But now it is time to bear some skin and unwanted body hair is not welcome.

This is precisely why laser hair removal has been making a big impact as a hair removal technique, due, above all, to its duration. Therefore, we wanted to investigate a little more about this technique, to try to leave things a little clearer in the event that you decide to undergo laser hair removal treatment.

For most people considering such treatment, doubts can arise due to a large amount of jargon and advertising, sometimes deceptive, that usually surrounds the subject.

Do you think it is essential to trust the opinion and recommendations of a doctor?

Not only are the recommendations of a doctor essential, but also the follow-up. Both laser hair removal and non-invasive aesthetic medicine must have a continuous medical monitoring and follow-up, in order to avoid endangering the patient’s health.

Nowadays, there are many establishments offering hair removal and even facial fillers without medical treatment. This can seriously affect the patient’s health and have permanent negative consequences.

Currently, laser hair removal is performed in medical-aesthetic centres as well as in beauty centres or even hairdressers or gyms. Do you think that a clearer regulation is needed to avoid possible problems?

Without a doubt, regulation is necessary. Keep in mind that the patient is putting his/her body, skin, and health in the hands of the person who is operating the laser hair removal device. If the hair removal is performed by an unprepared person without medical knowledge, very serious injuries can occur, often irreversible. This is borne out by the increase in claims handled by laser burn lawyers for compensation in relation to laser hair removal treatment which has gone wrong.

In parallel with the growth in demand, personal injury solicitors report dealing with a considerable growth in complaints about consequences (burns, for example) or results that are not as expected, so where is the problem?

The biggest problem lies in the use of equipment by non-professionals and without medical monitoring and control. If the staff that performs hair removal is not certified to use the equipment, that can also result in burns to the patient.

It must be borne in mind that each patient is unique and, therefore, before performing laser hair removal, it is necessary to consult a doctor who examines the patient’s skin, the medicines they take, etc.

The best way to avoid any problems is to make sure that the staff that operates the machine are certified to use it and that there is a doctor following up.

Are the results permanent?

The results are permanent, as long as the patient performs the sessions when advised, depending on the hair cycle. If you skip the sessions or you let too much time pass between them, then the results are delayed. Although the results are 100%, we recommend that once finished, an annual session be held to eliminate the fine blonde hair that appears on a few occasions.

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