People like watching. We watch TV series, movies, sport matches; also, we observe other people cooking, driving trucks and doing so many other things. The innate drive that we all have within ourselves and which allows us to enjoy watching things around us has been used by television to the full. But today we have more items at our disposal – movie theaters, gadgets that play video materials and our computers that can play anything in the world. And above of it all, we can make our own home theaters through investing only a little.

Where to send the signal?

Making a home theater all by yourself will be a challenging but interesting process. It will be a sort of a technological passage of rites. If you manage to do it all properly so that it actually works, you will be proud of yourself and also have a useful system as your home entertainment center.


So, when you decide to start making this thing, you have to determine where you are going to send the signal from your computer or DVD/Blue-Ray player. Although buying a real screen would be an easier way, you can try making your own screen. It will cost less and you will have more joy from watching the screen that you have made.

What to do with the sound?

Today when you make a decision to get an all-inclusive TV package, like Foxtel from Telstra, you need to have quality sound in order to give yourself the full joy of using those TV entertainment services; otherwise, the feeling will not be genuine. If you want to play with your home entertainment system, you could start with older but stronger speakers. Also, you will need a receiver that can support the number of channels you need for your speakers. If you want to go for four speakers, make sure that the sound receiver can put out all of them.

New or second-hand projector?

This is one of those ever-lasting dilemmas, together with the chicken-or-the-egg issue. Of course that a new projector will have its benefits – it will have a warranty certificate and you will know that its bulb has never been used before. On the other hand, a used projector will be a double-edged razor in terms of previous use and future durability, but you could actually get a great item for up to $300.

It is interesting that some people prefer large-screen TVs to a projector-and-screen combination. In this text you can read more about the pros and cons for the former and the latter.


Where to put it?

If you live in a small apartment, it will be extremely difficult to get everything a home theater can offer. Also, you will never be able to turn up the volume to the maximum because of your neighbors. But if you have a basement, then it would be a perfect place for installing a home theater. It goes without saying that a house would be a more appropriate habitat for a home theater. So, if you have parents living somewhere in the suburbia, try placing it into their home. Who knows, maybe they get hooked on it and buy it from you.

Although technology is rushing towards total digitalization, there is still room to play with gadgets and make your own tech combinations. A home theater that you make on your own is definitely one of them. Even if you fail at making a functional one, you can always buy a brand new thing.

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