Perhaps you don’t give your dress shirt an outing very often? However, this classic shirt could prove one of the most versatile items you own. This smart, button up shirt with collar, cuffs and long sleeves will serve you well in a range of situations. If you’re not sure how best to wear it, we’ve put together a few ideas for how you can step out wearing this iconic wardrobe staple.  

  1. Formal first

First, let’s look at how to wear your dress shirt formally. Choose a classic cut suit in a dark solid colour or a pinstriped fabric; then pair it with a white dress shirt, a quiet, coordinating tie and discreet cufflinks. Wear black leather shoes, Oxford style, with black socks that are long enough there is no chance they’ll leave an unsightly gap.

The look you’re channelling here is business orientated, and slightly conservative, one that’s professional and won’t rock the boat sartorially speaking.  It’s a versatile look that will take you from office to evening without turning a hair. If you’re not sure what an event or workplace requires, this is a good look for which to opt. You can step it up a notch by donning a three piece suit with coordinating waistcoat and matching pocket square to boot.

  1. Blaze a trail

Blaze a trail in the style stakes when you pair your shirt with a blazer. Leave the top button of your shirt undone and don’t wear a tie. Don a navy blue blazer, and marry it with cotton trousers, such as chinos, plus more casual brown shoes.

  1. Casual cuts a dash

Want a more casual look? Then accompany your dress shirt with smart dark jeans or Dickies work pants to strike the right sartorial note. A plain white dress shirt will work well with either of these components, leaving you feeling stylish and comfortable. Simply remember, the darker the trousers, the smarter and more formal you’ll look. Wear your dress shirt with no tie, the top button undone and your cuffs rolled up, for a casual appearance. Moreover, if your trousers have a loose, wide fit, wear your shirt out, rather than tucked in. Finish off your outfit with a pair of suede boots.

  1. Your beach basic

It may surprise you, but your dress shirt, as long as it’s the plainer sort without pleats or pin tucks, will also serve you well on the beach. Wear your shirt loose over your shorts, rather than tucked in, then add boat shoes or Birkenstocks (no socks please), plus a pair of sharp sunglasses.

  1. Luxe casual

It’s a look for the brave, but one that’s been ranking high in the style stakes for a while now – and we’re sure you’re up to the challenge. It’s the luxe casual look, and it’s here to stay. Rock the cool casual look with your shirt sleeves rolled up, no tie and your top button undone once again. Pair your dress shirt with loose, relaxed, drawstring trousers and casual sandals.

Your dress shirt

So there you have five ideas for how to wear your dress shirt, now it’s time to take it out of your wardrobe.

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