We live in a society where short attention spans and instant pleasure are the norms, and accordingly, individuals want and expect intimacy to take place rapidly. This results in having rushed sex and dissatisfaction. And it’s one of the reasons that many are now beginning to consider getting health supplements.

imageReal intimacy cannot last with the above mindset. Lack of intimacy is a reason that a lot of people are unfulfilled in their relationships. It’s why affairs, separation, and divorce occur. The bright side is that you can positively impact the level of emotional connection you have with your partner with the following steps provided by Click Pharmacy.

Ways to Re-Build Intimacy

Develop multi-level intimacy. Intimacy can be maintained on several levels inclusive of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. The more connected you are on various levels, the more deeply you and your partner will feel about each other. Start experiencing a much deeper connection with your significant other.

Accept and be your total self. Intimacy takes place when you are yourself. It is critical that you are in a place to accept and embrace all of who you are. When you can identify, and appreciate your defects, your partner will be accepting of them as well. Your significant other likewise feel more comfortable in being their authentic self.

Be present. The more present you are with your partner, the more intimate your relationship will be. If you feel tense, stressed, or restricted, take some deep breaths and try to focus on what is going on at that time. There are many days to day thoughts and ideas that will prevent you from staying in the moment. The more you can identify these feelings, the better you will be able to let go of your anxiety.

See your partner through fresh eyes. The longer the relationship, the more prone you are to losing sight of why you fell in love in the first place. When you focus more on the other’s imperfections, you start to go down a slippery slope that is sure to thwart intimacy. Rather, concentrate on the good qualities in your partner, the things that attracted you when you first fell in love. This will foster a much deeper sense of intimacy as your partner feels more appreciated and loved.

Listen openly without judgment. When you pay attention without judging, you develop a safe space for each of you to be open about feelings and ideas. The more receptive you are to hearing from your partner, the more they are willing to share, thereby improving the intimacy.

Let your guard down. Being vulnerable can be frightening because it can lead to getting hurt. However, being susceptible is courageous because it means surpassing the hurt to open your heart regardless of your fears. By doing so, you will have a deeper connection with your partner.

Love your partner for who they are. If you only love your partner for what they can provide, intimacy will slowly leave your relationship. Real intimacy is best developed when individuals are loved for who they are and not for the physical things they can provide.

Have great sex. If the frequency of sex has declined in your relationship or has turned into an afterthought, it is time to change that. The physical and emotional intimacy that regular sex produces build intimacy. Make time to have great sex, even if you must schedule it, or take a pill to enhance performance.

Have mentally stimulating discussions. Having conversations that are thought-provoking and intriguing builds intimacy. This level of intellectual discussion will provide insight, discover various point of views, and you will learn more about each other.

Hang out doing things you both love. While it is imperative to have “me” time, spending time together doing things that you will both enjoy is an excellent way to produce a greater bond over time.

Develop rituals together. A ritual can be as basic as enjoying the sunset together each night. It can also include taking a day trip to a brand-new place the very first Saturday of every month. Sharing routines that are exclusive to you and your partner can help to rebuild the intimacy in your relationship.

You do not have to wait for your partner to implement these intimacy techniques. Start to rebuild the intimacy by considering the above steps. If at first, your partner is not on board, over time he or she will come around.

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