For years the ladies have been paying special attention to the condition of their skin with creams and lotions that keep that healthy glow radiating year round.  Men have more recently begun to realise that taking care of their skin involves more than soap, shaving cream, and a little dab of aftershave.  As a man, your skin is much oiler, sweatier, and a great deal thicker than that of your female friends; even though you may think that it’s resilient, your skin may be in need of some advantageous moisturising to keep your healthy appearance.


Celebs like Laz Alonso and Kevin Hart are famous for their faces, and make sure to keep up a regular regime with products such as Crème De La Mer. A face defines a celebrity, so you can bet both males and females will go to any extremes to keep them looking their best in front of all the flashing lights and cameras. Matthew Fox is a well known promoter of skin care products, as is Hugh Laurie who has most recently been advertising the L’Oreal Paris Men’s range.

Let’s take a look at some reasons that you need to moisturise on a regular basis to keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Natural Threats to Your Skin

As you are thinking about whether you need to begin moisturising your skin, you should ask yourself some questions.

  • Are you outside in the sun a great deal? Do you work outside in the natural elements?  As a man, your skin can experience more UV damage because the cells in your skin have less antioxidants than a female’s.
  • Is your diet less than perfect? The adage “you are what you eat” becomes apparent in your skin with rashes, breakouts, and other problem areas that must be addressed.  If you don’t eat a healthy meal regularly, your skin may be dry, cracked, and begin to age more quickly than normal.
  • Do you use sunblock? Many men believe that it’s not manly to wear sun protection but you can avoid skin cancers, splotchy areas, and other problems if you use adequate protection when out in the sun.  After your skin has been exposed, you should use a three-step approach to keeping it healthy and attractive.

Use Three Steps to Recover Damaged Skin


No matter your age, you should begin to care for your skin so that you can enjoy the look and feel of your skin.  Begin by washing your face daily with a well-balanced soap.  Today’s market has a myriad of products for male skin care where you shop; use a cleanser that has a balanced pH formula so that you can receive the benefits before you even begin the next two steps.  Next, you should make sure that you tone your skin with the proper products that can remove excess skin and prepare the surface of your face for a good moisturiser.  This can include a fruit peel or a bamboo scrub that will invigorate your facial area and cause it to glow from within.  Finally, you will want to apply a moisturiser with which you are comfortable, leaves a good feeling on your skin, and doesn’t leave you feeling oily or shiny.  You may want to explore some of the organic products available on the market for men; this type of moisturiser will soften your skin, soothe it, and cause more elasticity which will make you look healthier.

From the shaving cream that you use to the soap and moisturisers that you select, understand that real men do moisturise and look much better than their counterparts who shun this healthy habit.

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