There are some lads whose gym-rat status had been bestowed upon them on the premise of them spending virtually all of their time at the gym, as the name suggests, but some of these beefcakes tend to miss the balance completely. All they ever do is pump iron, with biceps curls and bench presses making for the favourite exercises of the day. They’ll perhaps occasionally do military presses or some other upper-body resistance exercises, but the upper body does indeed seem to be the limit of their training.

imageNow there’s absolutely nothing wrong with targeting specific muscle groups for growth, definition and perhaps even for stamina, but you just cannot limit your focus to that exclusive muscle group. Upper-body beefcakes love to focus solely on the upper-body, targeting specific upper-body muscles at the expense of all other muscle groups. In most cases, the lower body is entirely ignored. Not only do they skip leg-day, but leg-day doesn’t appear to exist at all in their regimes.

You should never skip leg day though because the whole point of exercising is to challenge your body to physically better itself in reaction to the stress it’s forced to deal with through exercise.

You Don’t Want to Look Like a 10/1

A ten-over-one (10/1) is simply a beefcake whose perpetual avoidance of leg-day shows in their appearance, characterised by a huge upper body and disproportionately skinny feet which look like they’d have him tip over if you opened the window and some wind swept in. It’s like the 10/1 fraction as it would appear when written out in a primary school learner’s mathematics book.

So you just don’t want to look like one of those — worse yet, 10/1 beefcakes usually also forego working their abs, so they have beer-guts / pot-bellies as well.

You Don’t Want to Feel Like a 10/1

The only thing worse than looking like a ten-over-one is feeling like one, in the sense that you’re more prone to stress injuries and those muscle tears and fractures which are a result of a disproportionate distribution of the force generated by the use of your muscles, even when you use them beyond the gym floor.

Leg-Exercises Can Be Fun

One of the biggest reasons why people tend to skip leg-day is the misconception they have of leg-exercises not being any fun. I mean after all, when an impromptu competition to see who can lift the heaviest weights spontaneously breaks out at the gym, while everybody gathers around to cheer their favourite gym-rat beefcake on, it’s at the bench-press bench, isn’t it and not at the dead-lift floor because there is no such thing as a dead-lift floor? Leg exercises can be fun though and they’re really easy to complete actually.

In addition to eating up the road on some of the low, challenging gears Cube bikes have, one could engage in some calf-raises which can be done anytime, anywhere. Yes, you should also get in some dead-lifts and squats at the gym, but those are some of the more challenging leg-exercises which contribute greatly to many a beefcake skipping leg-day altogether.

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