With temperatures dropping and the chilly weather setting in, winter can be the ultimate test on our favourite footwear. From rain to snow to ice, these extreme conditions can be tough on our boots, so what can we do to keep them looking great? Here are three simple ways you can make sure your footwear survives this upcoming season.


Use a protective treatment

To shelter your boots from wintery weather, you may want to consider using a protective treatment. Applying a specially designed protector product before you start wearing them will keep your shoes in great condition despite the falling temperatures. From creams to waxes to sprays, there are a whole host of formulated treatments available that can help keep your favourite pair looking perfect. According to the footwear website anatomicshoes.com, applying a good quality cream to leather shoes will preserve their supple look as well as protecting them against dirt, water and drying out. Meanwhile, a waterproofing spray may be more appropriate for suede footwear to guard against moisture.

Clean them regularly

It’s likely that your shoes will become dirty while you’re out and about this wintertime, so it’s important to go to the effort of keeping them clean. If your boots come with specific care guidelines, make sure you adhere to these instructions. However, there are some general rules you can follow depending on the material your boots are made of. For example, if you have a leather pair, it’s best to use a soft, damp cloth with a neutral soap and avoid using products that contain chemicals to prevent staining. For nubuck or suede footwear, you could use a brush to wipe off any dry mud or dirt from the surface. Also, once cleaned, allow them to dry out at room temperature away from radiators or other forms of heat. You should try to clean them on a regular basis to maintain their appearance.

Take the weather into consideration

Simply taking note of the weather is an effortless way to keep your boots looking great this winter. If the forecast takes a turn for the worse, it might be an idea to leave your suede at home and opt for a more suitable shoe instead. You may find that leather shoes are more robust and capable of handling rain and snow while your suede kicks will be less tolerant of these conditions.

Taking these three suggestions into consideration may help your favourite pair of boots survive the chilly conditions this upcoming season.

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