As an image conscious guy, I may pay more attention than some to the various fashion weeks which happen all over the world. I know how the right item of clothing can make a statement and I am always wondering what the next must have piece will be.

Fashion Week or Fashion Freak

However, I have to admit that more recently I feel the looks we see parading down the catwalk are trying to make a different statement. The more I see of Fashion Week the more I am convinced that the show has become more about the shock factor than the clothes.

And it would appear I am not alone, according to this article 50% of brits think fashion show is more of a freak show than a fashion show and My Voucher Codes (the company which carried out the research) have produced this handy infographic which shows you the best of the worse.

Fashion Week

There are so many ‘looks’ which I have to question. Why would you paint Mickey Mouse pink and give him a metal mouth guard? And I know that 20 shades of grey has supposedly liberated hundreds of woman but did we really need to see Marko Mitanovski bring out the gimp? Oh and that blurred part on the Rick Owen show penis peep… well let’s just say those models left nothing to the imagination.

Is this the end of Fashion Week

I don’t think it will be. Despite this survey showing that less than 30% of people pay any attention to Fashion Week I think there is too much money involved, but it would be nice to see Fashion Week become more about the clothes.

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