After the striking fashion of the ‘80s, the ‘90s came and brought a sort of a minimalist vibe, especially in comparison to more elaborate and flashy trends from the ‘80s. From this perspective, it all seems like a distant past but the truth is history repeats itself and this applies to fashion, too. In the past few seasons, we’ve seen all designers draw inspiration from the ‘90s so here are the biggest fashion yeses coming straight from this particular decade.



Did you know that chokers date back to ancient times and first of them were made in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt? It’s a piece of jewellery falling in and out of fashion over many years, but one specific kind – plastic tattoo chokers were a major trend back in the ‘90s. When they reappeared a few seasons ago, they became instantly popular, probably because of all of the nostalgia packed in a simple plastic wire necklace. Besides the tattoo chokers, other types are back in the game as well. Think satin, beaded, crochet, or suede – either one will be perfect for rocking a grunge but girly style. If you struggle with styling them, make sure you check out celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Taylor Swift – they showed us how to style chokers in today’s fashion.

Slip dresses

Chokers match perfectly with another fashion comeback from the ‘90s –  slip dresses. Those comfy yet elegant negligee dresses used to be big two decades ago, but now they’re back in the game. Victoria Beckham wore one of those on this year’s Wimbledon and showed how popular this trend is among the A-listers. Fashionistas from all the world over embraced this trend, especially the version with a plain white T-shirt underneath. It can fit easily into different women’s fashion styles – think glam, casual chic, punk, etc. Pair a slip dress with your favourite superstars or chunky ankle boots (like a true diva from the ‘90s) and you’ll have a perfect day-to-night combination.


Not only are dungarees comfy, they’re also a must-have for the upcoming season. Overalls or “shortalls” – it’s up to your preference. If you’re not sure how to style them, look at Zooey Deschanel and pair them with slip-on shoes and a white T-shirt, or Hilary Duff and opt for flared ones. Faux and real black leather are quite popular materials for pants lately, so dungarees are not an exception. Good news is that they can be styled in many ways; you just have to find your perfect match. And remember: great style begins with a good fit, so choose your overalls in accordance with your body figure to avoid the unflattering look they can give.

Floral skater dresses

Alicia Silverstone was the babe of the ‘90s and we all remember the iconic floral skater dress she wore in Aerosmith’s Cryin’ video. The same type of the dress had a big comeback this season and that’s why we’ve seen Miranda Kerr pairing it with biker boots. Groundbreaking or not, floral print never really goes out of style, but sunflower and daisy prints are particularly trendy this year. They match perfectly with forever-trending denim and leather jackets, tights, and ankle boots, thus, they make a perfect choice for your autumn day outfit.

Since fashion tends to be repetitive, your wardrobe might be recycled and your wallet spared. Reuse your or your sister’s/mother’s clothing and accessories and you’ll be as trendy as the biggest fashionistas out there. In case you don’t have access to actual vintage pieces, you’ll be glad to hear that chokers and dungarees and other ‘90s comebacks can be found in many stores. So, go ahead, indulge your nostalgia and enjoy the great comeback of the ‘90s fashion.


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