Fashion is really in your face. It doesn’t matter whether you are surfing the Internet, reading a newspaper, glancing at your iPhone, all walking past a magazine shop, everything seems to be about fashion. Who’s wearing what? Is she really wearing that? Wardrobe malfunctions! What the stars are wearing to the Oscars. What should you be wearing this summer? So, everywhere you look, it’s fashion! Fashion! Fashion! It seems the only way you can actually maintain a fashionable look is by becoming a model. That way you can wear something different 10 times a day, in three different countries, and look beautiful, or strange.


All that is very well for the rich and the famous, but for us, regular people we are usually looking for something that is not too expensive, looks good, and will be fashionable for more than a week. Your senses are bombarded on a daily basis by what you should be wearing this coming season. If you walk out of your home after watching TV, you either get into your car or onto public transport and the radio or billboards would be advertising the new fashions. Even on your iPad and iPhone, you are always being entertained by fashion bargains, clothing advertisements, and the best places to shop.

You can throw your arms in the air in exasperation or if you’re that way inclined develop your own fashion app by going to visit some UK developers who will be only too happy to take your idea and put it into some useful or useless app about fashion. That may have sounded a little jaded but honestly, you can only take so much about the amount of style that is available to buy and is always being advertised. As a matter of fact, while I was surfing the Internet not so long ago, I came across an advertisement for developers of apps who were openly advertising their business and showing you how easy it was, or would be, to use them and develop an interesting app.

With my involvement in fashion via this website, I was sorely tempted to get in touch with them. All I had to do was fill in this contact form that appeared on the web page and a couple of ideas that I had would have been looked at, and who knows, they may have been developed into useful apps and be sitting on your phones and iPads now. I would be competing against apps like Pose, Covet, and The Hunt. Far be it from me to criticise any existing app, but sometimes I have a little voice inside my head that tells me I might be able to do this better. So maybe the next time I see an advertisement put out by an app development company I might just take up the challenge and see if I can actually do it any better.

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