Shock. Depression. Anger. Pain. Emotions dealt with by the bereaved immediately following the death of a loved one are intense. Grief is no walk in the park. Working through the stages of this painful process is not an easy task.

During this grieving period, a natural reaction is to recognize the life of the dearly departed by celebrating their memory. An example of this commemoration is the funeral or memorial service held for the person who passed away. After the funeral however – the bereaved are still left with those difficult emotions.

One therapeutic way to deal with the loss is by doing something meaningful with a loved one’s ashes. For many, having their deceased loved one’s cremated remains turned into a beautiful diamond is the perfect way to honor their memory.

Diamonds are forever and a cremation diamond quickly becomes a treasured family heirloom meant to pass on from generation to generation. Here are 10 gorgeous examples of how people from around the world have turned hair or ashes from their beloved ones into diamond jewelry.

1. Parents’ Ashes Come Together in a Beautiful Ring

Lynda from the UK wrote a testimonial about the stunning ring she had made from ashes from both her mom and her dad. The company sent a representative to her home with colors, designs, and shapes for the diamond and jewelry. E-mails were sent to her weekly letting her know exactly what was going on with the ashes and at what stage of the diamond creation process they were in. Lynda talks about her experience:

“The white gold rose bud style ring I had chosen for the 1/4 carat yellow/green diamond was stunning. Anita delivered my ring on the 7th April which was my Dad’s first anniversary which made this even more special to me.”

2. Loving Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother to Attend Family Wedding, as a Ring

Australia-based Peter shared his heartwarming testimonial about two diamonds he and his family had made from the ashes of a family member who was a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother.

He was rather impressed with the quality of two diamonds in terms of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Peter also talked about the exceptional and professional service from the company he ordered the diamonds from. In fact, the reason he chose Heart In Diamond was because they were one of the few dealers he spoke with that guaranteed the quality of their gems. Below is Peter’s story about how his loved one will be present at a ceremony, thanks to the cremation diamonds:

“We had hoped she would be dancing at my son’s wedding later this year. Sadly this was not to be. But, in a sense she still will be, as a sparkling gem to be worn on the day.”

3. Generations Come Together in this Family Heirloom

Carbon is extracted from cremated ashes to make authentic diamonds. However, ashes are not the only organic material that can be used. The carbon used to make the diamonds can also be extracted from hair. Many clients send in the hair of a loved one, alive or dead, multiple family members’ hair, or even the hair from a pet to make their diamond.

“I’ve been extremely impressed with the service, care and attention I’ve received from Heart In Diamond, and the resulting diamond is well beyond my expectations.”

These words came from Sandra in the UK. Her custom diamond was made out of the hair from her daughters and their children, making this a true family heirloom to treasure. Sandra wrote that she will enjoy wearing it and telling the story about her diamond.

4. Turning Her Husband into a Diamond of His Favorite Color

United States native, Marlene, was very emotional at the time her husband arrived at her door step, this final time in the form of a beautiful diamond ring. The following comment was left by Marlene regarding the blue diamond she had created from the cremated remains of her late husband:

“It is beautiful and I like the deeper hue of blue. It’s so perfect for me!  When I show people the ring, they say it is me. It really does fit my personality.  And I chose blue because it was my husband’s favorite color.”

5. Daughter Transformed into a Sparkling Diamond

Losing a child is one of the most difficult types of deaths one can experience. Unfortunately, Penny and her husband endured a parent’s worst nightmare when their daughter passed away. Thoughts expressed by Penny are truly heartwarming:

“Dustin and I cannot praise your company enough for the love that went into transforming our beautiful daughter into the sparkling diamond she was in our eyes!”

6. Trusting a Company with the Precious Ashes of a Mother

Trusting a company with the cremated ashes or hair of a loved one to be transformed into an authentic diamond is a big deal. Sue from Australia felt apprehensive when she was trying to select a diamond laboratory to use, but thankfully she discovered a company, who exceeded her expectations:

“Making the decision to have a diamond made was the easy part, entrusting a company to do it was not.  Heart in Diamond’s service was exceptional and I would and do recommend them to everyone who is interested.”

7. Support, When it was Needed Most

Not only does a beautiful cremation diamond help the bereaved cope with the death of a loved one, the process of consultation and communication can be a much-needed distraction and source of comfort during a person’s darkest hours. Marie from the UK describes how her personal consultant helped her deal with the death of her mother:

“Dear Anita, what can I say? You went above and beyond to help in whatever I needed. You advised me with your expertise and kept in touch just to say ‘hi’ and make sure I was doing okay. With all the things I am going through at the moment and after losing my mum, you were happy enough to just chat on the phone about anything not even necessarily the beautiful diamond charm made from mam’s ashes.”

8. Impressive Quality and Design

Often a misconception that exists about lab-created diamonds is that they are not authentic. However, this belief could not be further from the truth. Cremation diamonds grown in a laboratory are identical to natural diamonds in terms of physical and chemical properties. Sarah from the United States raves about the quality of her diamond:

“The diamond is beautiful and more than I expected or could have even hoped for. The presentation and packaging are a class act!!”

9. A Unique Ring Setting that is even More Beautiful in Person

Clients sometimes feel overwhelmed when they are shopping for the right diamond, color, carat and shape. If those options weren’t enough, when it comes to deciding the type of jewelry and setting, it’s hard to know which way to turn. Sarah from the UK could not find a ring setting that really spoke to her. Her consultant recognized the difficulty, and helped her find the perfect, 100 percent unique setting. Sarah loved it, and had this to say:
“You think the ring is going to be pretty but what arrives is THE most stunning, elegant, absolutely priceless piece of your life that you will ever have. I haven’t stopped admiring it since and knowing I have my Mum with me at all times is the most special feeling in the world.”

10. Mother and Baby Share DNA in a Diamond – Forever

Perhaps one of the most incredible feelings experienced by clients is the comfort of joining the DNA of loved ones together in a diamond. This can be done by using a combination of both hair and ashes, depending on what is available. Lori from the United States. endured the heartbreak of losing a baby. Listen to her explain what the cremation jewelry meant to her:

“Nothing can take away the pain of losing my baby, but getting her back in diamond form and knowing that our DNA was joined to make the stone, is the most comforted I’ve felt since her death.”

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