My girlfriend moans at me every year to get more into the Xmas spirit. Each year she launches an assault of “cute” activities and tasks for us to complete as a couple to make sure we’re fully embracing the Christmas spirit – individually, as a couple, emotionally, physically, metaphorically, poetically…every damn way you can embrace something!

So far I’ve been dragged to her 5 year old niece’s nativity play, sat through Love Actually for the nth time, made to help decorate Xmas cupcakes for her work colleagues, been forced into a Xmas pic of us for the homemade Xmas cards she’s making and been woken up to Christmas carols every morning since the 1st.

Call me Scrooge, but I have been less than thrilled with these activities.

But now I have found my own way to share a little Christmas spirit among me and my loved ones…proper Christmas jumpers, courtesy of Tipsy Elves.

The Jumpers

They’re not cheesy, they don’t posses images of cute and cuddly penguins or loving festive Xmas messages. They are funny, on some occasions crude and all guaranteed to get a few laughs at family parties and work dos.

For me and my girlfriend, I thought I’d shock her and go extreme with His ‘n’ Hers Mr and Mrs Christmas outfits – perfect for looking the part Xmas Day. No pretty, planned-a-month-in-advance-outfit for her this year :o)

xmas outfits


In all seriousness, the jumpers look fab, and I can’t wait to give her hers as a Christmas present in the morning – I think she’ll secretly love it! The jumpers are lovely and warm, and really good quality, so I guess they’ll last for a few Christmases to come!

Other Designs

I’ve got to admit, I have played it a little safe with my choices, as there are some really hilarious designs. I have bought one for my dad and one for my brother though (all wrapped up before I thought about writing the post, hence why I’ve stolen the pics below from the site!).

For my dad, Santa pissing in the snow…

weeing santa


And for my brother, with his sick sense of humour…



There are tonnes of funny and original designs to choose from. One of my other faves in the green elf one…looks all innocent at first, but turn around and the design on the back shows him carrying an axe!

But if humping reindeer, rude snowmen, a black Santa and Jesus celebrating his birthday are more your thing, I would strongly urge you to check the site out and bag a controversial  Christmas treat for yourself. At the very least it will be a conversation started at dinner…

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