Winter fashion for men is all about the wardrobe basics, like a warm knit sweater and some stylish trousers. But these days it’s more than just about dressing up. Today’s men are thinking about how they’ll look smart when outside as well as how they’ll feel once they are inside.

For those men who love to travel, leggings and boots are a must have this winter. Whether you are a weekend warrior or otherwise, you’ll see thick leggings and boots everywhere in the winter. You can find these classic leather and fur boots in both black and brown, while more contemporary styles in leggings with bright pinks, blues and greens are also popping up everywhere. You can also find statement leather and fur boots in sizes to fit your work attire and even designer leggings in petite and large sizes. When worn with jackets, leggings make any outfit look more upscale and sophisticated.

Another must have for any man’s wardrobe this winter is a fashionable trench coat. There are so many styles to choose from this year, including a variety of long length trench coats in black or dark brown, with or without sleeves. You can also find long trench coats in leggings that can be worn over a sweater or pull over the pants. If you really want to stand out this winter, try pairing a black trench coat with a pair of gladiator sandals. This style of ensemble will definitely draw the attention of the ladies, especially if you pair it with a black belt and studded belt buckle watch. A trench coat and studded belt are a great way to take an ordinary outfit and make it look unique and cutting edge.

If you have yet to add these signature items to your wardrobe, now is a great time to do so. Leather jackets are making a comeback after being virtually forgotten for the last 15 years. The great thing about leather jackets is that they never go out of style, so you don’t have to worry about them not being trendy anytime soon. If you are worried that you will look like a dressed up old man wearing a turtleneck, just remember that the rise in fashion for leather jackets is due largely to celebrities wearing them to get some much needed winter wear for their favorite movies. With the rise in popularity in leather jackets, it is not surprising that they will become increasingly popular in the coming months and years.

Pair a leather jacket with a brightly colored sweater for a hot winter look that is sure to bring fashion fans out in force this season. A plaid skirt is another staple piece of clothing that should be in every woman’s wardrobe this winter season. You can pair a plaid skirt with a printed leather jacket for a sophisticated appearance that is both edgy and modern. Leather jackets paired with a plaid skirt make a stylish look that everyone can enjoy.

No longer is the classic brown jacket the only type of jacket, a woman can wear this winter. A variety of colors and styles of boots are making it possible for women to accessorize their wardrobes with fashionable jackets and boots. A variety of boot colors and boot patterns are making it possible for every woman to find a jacket and boots combination that will work with their taste and style. Remember that a great winter fashion trend is to always update your wardrobe by adding some new jackets and boots as well as any accessories like belts or handbags to pull together your new look.

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