Shoulder bags for men are all the rage in the fashion industry today. In the past bags have been considered somewhat feminine accessories, but with the advancement of men’s fashion in the recent years bags are no longer just a woman’s thing. There are plenty of men who wear cool and stylish man bags these days. Previously men did not have many choices of bags to pick from. It was either backpacks and gym duffel bags or briefcases. But now that men’s bags have evolved with fashion, men can have their pick of stylish man bags. They can be found in all colours, sizes, shapes and materials. You can get anything from  simple shoulder bags to luxury leather bags, and they are so useful and convenient too. Women carry all their stuff in a handbag, but what are men supposed to do? Stuff everything in their pockets? If so, men would walk around with really unsightly bulging pockets! If you are a trendy, fashionable and practical man you deserve a good man bag.


So how do you choose the perfect man bag for yourself? The tips mentioned below can prove useful.

  • Go for a bag that is basic, simple and structured properly. Straight cut bags are ideal for men. Don’t choose something that is rounded or too fancy looking. Black or brown bags are the best colors to go with.
  • Pick messenger bags that are big enough to carry a laptop. Small sized messenger bags often tend to look quite girly.
  • Check how many pockets the bag has before you buy it. The more pockets there are the better it looks and also the more things you can carry like your wallet, keys and CDs.
  • If you are a first time bag buyer you should try a traditional shoulder bag for men. They are quite functional for use and you won’t feel odd about wearing a bag at all. Plus they look pretty cool.
  • Leather bags are generally the most dependable and stylish. They will go with almost any outfit. Canvas bags on the other hand are great for casual outings. Avoid nylon bags as they wear out too fast.
  • If you are in doubt, pick the bag that looks the simplest and plainest. You can’t go wrong with that, it is the safest choice.
  • If you are buying a designer bag make sure it does not have a big or showy designer logo. Simple designs are always classy and the real top designers know this.
  • Pick a bag that is functional in its size depending on what you need to carry in it. Remember, it is not just about the how the bag looks, it must serve its purpose of carrying things as well.
  • A bag with long straps looks stylish and it can be swung across your body or over your shoulder for a cool and casual look.

Keep these tips in mind while shopping for your man bag and you can’t go wrong.

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