It’s certainly not a practice that’s as widespread as it once was a few years ago, that being having to adhere to a strict dress-code when visiting a casino and hitting the gaming floors for a bit of gambling. The rules around casino dress codes have been relaxed a bit, justifiably so too because the physical casino industry is getting quite a lot of competition from the online casino industry, so they need to make it as enticing as possible to visit their premises.

imageBut what was the fuss all about in any case? If you go to some traditional casinos, like perhaps Monte Carlo in Monaco, you’ll still need to adhere to their strict dress code. Otherwise casino dress codes were previously just to preserve the luxurious, upmarket atmosphere and also to weed out cheaters such as those who play card games and hide cards up their sleeves. Yes, people do these things, so any casino dress codes that remain strictly in place are only really to combat these types of cheaters.

Not feeling up to adhering to the dress code? Play online instead

Look obviously you can’t show up to a casino dressed in your PJs or in your underwear, so I guess casino dress code of some sort still exists. You also can’t show up dressed in beach / swimwear, but if you’re not up to adhering to a casino dress code, you can rather choose to stay in and play online casino games.

Added incentives for playing online

imageThe added incentive for playing online comes in the form of special promotions such as that which allows you to gain up to £150 welcome bonus and 20 free spins with William Wheel Casino. So instead of being turned away at the door for not wearing the right jacket or something like that, you rather get rewarded for simply “showing up” through signing up. Better yet, you can play in your underwear, have just as much fun and nobody will ever be on your case about it. I mean I’m at my most comfortable in my underwear or PJs, despite the fact that I do like to dress up sometimes.

More money to play with, wider variety of games to choose from

If you take full advantage of signup bonuses offered by online casino platforms, it simply means you have considerably more money to play with, which also means one can win so much more. What I also particularly enjoy personally is the much wider variety of games to choose from — something which I always get to miss when I’m at a physical casino, despite all which a physical casino has to offer. You can read here to see exactly what I’m talking about in relation to the wider variety of games to choose from, some of which I play just for fun and not always necessarily for real cash.

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