Convertibles have always been synonymous for cool. Think James Bond. Think premier league footballers. They scream money, charisma and sophistication.

Until you have the top down and the Great British weather decides to screw you over and then they just scream drowned rat.

So it is actually worth having one?

This is a question that most people do not actually answer correctly. There is this belief that in England it rains every single day of the year. That is not actually the case. In fact, England is drier than cities like Rome or New York. You can easily notice that when you take a look at this infographic.

We recommend that you look at the convertible stats that are presented here. It tells you new things about convertibles in the United Kingdom, stats that can easily help you to make a really good decision when thinking about purchasing such a vehicle.

A Gumtree infographic – convert to convertibles this summer

Convert to Convertibles this summer is a graphic produced by Gumtree UK

Article above provided by Agents of Drive Blog.

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